Pamela main break – March 12, 2013

The March 12, 2013 break on Pamela across the street from Purcell Tire (at what would be Ginger St intersection)

Attached are some photos of the break and the repair.

I talked with Kinneys Commerical sometime before 9am. Their crew got
on-site about 9:40am, maybe a few minutes earlier.

First photo is a location shot to put context. The line break was inside
the utility easement, and crew chief C.P. didn’t want to risk hitting
any ATT lines buried in that area. It was a pure hand dig.

The line is 3-inch PVC, 11 feet from edge of pavement, and 30 inches
down. The break was at the coupling itself. In the second photo you can
see the fracture line with water coming out.

The line was cut, and a repair section put in place held by repair
clamps. This is the standard waterworks pipe repair procedure. The
third photo shows the repair.

Repair all tested and declared good at 12:45pm, and all closed up by 1:00pm.

Blow-off valves opened on Ouida at Ginger and Brenda St to flush the lines.

I have the damaged PVC, and am trying to figure out why the coupling
fractured. My first impression is that is was caused by a rock up
against the pipe. I’ll know more later.


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